IP & Technology Deal Flow Management

Technology & Market assessment

Technology and Market Assessment

It consists on the evaluation of the disclosed invention and development of a preliminary commercialization strategy.


IP Protection & Management

If the technology has not yet been protected the protection procedures must be carried on. We can supply patent services provided by specialists.

Search of partners

Having a clear idea about the value of the technology and the commercialization strategy, the next step is to approach to companies, entrepreneurs and investors who have been identified as potentially suitable partners to bring the technology to market.

The nature of the potential partners will differ depending on the strategy chosen, that can be:

          – Sell the technology

          – License the technology

          – Sell products

          – Set a JV or a WOFE in the target market 

The potential partners are identified. 


contact potential partners

Together we validate the long list of targets and we get a short list. The potential partners are contacted or visited for making the final selection.


With the interested licensee, we need to work out terms and timeline, which may include the continued involvement of the inventors.



The last step is to prepare the legal agreement to be signed by the technology proprietary and the commercialization partner, that reflects the negotiated business terms.

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Research & Analysis

valuation & negotiation


Execute & Monitor