Start-ups & Spin-off

Search of new partners or investors

Technology/ solution Assessment

We first study your product or solution, and together with you we identify the type of partner that is more suitable for you company: co-founders, collaborators, investors, or other early employees.

Search of partners

Once identified the kind of potential partner, we look for them. For that pourpose we use our network, data bases and other available resources. We guide you through the whole search process and we help you to select the most appropiate one.


Once we have found the partner or investor, we help you in the negotiation process and in the signature of agreements.

Market entry

Technology Assessment

If you have a consolidated company and what you want is to sell your products or solutions in a specific market, we first study your product or solution and evaluate the potential business.

Market assessment

Then we make a market prospection, identifying market segments, competitors, sales channels, market size, entry barriers, etc…


Entry strategy definition

Once we have made the market assessment we are ready to define the best way for your company to enter the  market: technology licensing, product or solution distribution through own or external network, etc…

Search of partners

Once the entry strategy is clear, we help you to identify the most suitable local partners to implement it.

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Research & Analysis

valuation & negotiation


Execute & Monitor